Toyota Sienna 2023 In USA Review, Pricing And Specs

Toyota Sienna 2023 In USA Review Pricing And Specs

The 2023 Toyota Sienna is a minivan designed to look like an SUV. It’s a great choice for those who value practicality, with plenty of space and nice features inside. The Sienna is only available as a hybrid, with both front and all-wheel drive models offering the same 245-horsepower engine. While it’s not the fastest minivan on the market, the Sienna is fuel-efficient, with an impressive 36 mpg combined.

However, some buyers may prefer the Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, or Kia Carnival for certain features or aspects. The Sienna’s second-row seats cannot be removed or towed like they can in some other vans. Nevertheless, the Sienna is a good performer on the road, with a smooth ride and a quiet cabin.

What’s New for 2023

The Sienna is now in its third year of production and is only available in a hybrid version. Toyota is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the nameplate by releasing a limited edition version, called the 25th Anniversary Edition Sienna. Only, 2525 units of this special model will be produced. The limited edition model will be based on the sporty-looking XSE trim and will be available in Celestial Silver or Wind Chill Pearl exterior paint.

The model can be easily identified by its special 20-inch wheels, roof rails, black exterior badging, and exterior mirrors with integrated puddle lights. The interior of the limited edition model features black leather upholstery with silver stitching, a JBL stereo system, a wireless smartphone charging pad, heated and ventilated front seats, and carpeted floor mats bearing the 25th Anniversary logo.


Engine2.5-liter hybrid-electric
Torque245 lb-ft
Fuel Economy36 mpg
Seating Capacity7 or 8 passengers
Cargo Space Behind Second Row39.1 cubic feet
Cargo Space Behind Third Row11.6 cubic feet
Wheelbase121.0 inches
Length203.0 inches
Width79.5 inches
Height71.6 inches
Curb Weight4,570 to 4,720 lbs
Toyota Sienna 2023 In USA Review Pricing And Specs


SeatingUp to 8 passengers, spacious & comfortable even in the 3rd row.
Fuel EconomyOptional on some trims, and brightens up the interior.
RideSmooth, quiet, and comfortable for long trips.
EntertainmentAvailable rear entertainment system to keep passengers happy.
MoonroofMany other options like a power lift gate, vacuum cleaner, and tow hitch.
Heated Steering WheelAvailable on some trims, keeps your hands warm in winter.
Other FeaturesMany other options like power lift gate, vacuum cleaner, and tow hitch.
Toyota Sienna 2023 In USA Review Pricing And Specs

Exterior Design

The 2023 Sienna ditches the boxy minivan look for a sleeker, more modern style. Imagine a bold, chrome grille up front, flanked by sharp-looking headlights that give it a confident stare. The sides are smooth and curvy, without the usual minivan bulges. You can pick from a bunch of cool colors to match your vibe, and some trims even have sporty wheels that add a touch of pizzazz.

Interior Style

Inside the 2023 Sienna, you’ll find a comfortable and stylish living space for you and your crew. Think cozy armchairs up front, with plenty of legroom to stretch out. The second row offers adjustable seats that can slide and fold to fit your needs, whether you’re hauling cargo or giving the kids extra wiggle room.

Even the third row isn’t an afterthought, with enough space for adults to sit comfortably. Plus, there are plenty of storage cubbies and compartments to keep everything organized, from snacks and toys to sunglasses and phones. It’s like having a mobile living room on wheels, perfect for road trips, soccer games, or just hanging out with the family.

Toyota Sienna Available Colors


  • Black: Stylish and sleek, always in fashion.
  • White: Clean and crisp, looks great with any trim.
  • Silver: Modern and sophisticated, goes well with chrome accents.
  • Gray: Practical and versatile, hides dirt well.

Bold Choices

  • Supersonic Quartz: A dazzling blue-ish gray that stands out.
  • Blueprint: A deep, rich blue that makes a statement.
  • Redwood Pearl: A warm, reddish brown that adds a touch of luxury.
  • Smoked Pearl: A mysterious dark gray with a hint of shimmer.


  • Blizzard Pearl: A bright, clean white that reflects the sun well.
  • Cement: A cool, neutral gray that’s easy to keep clean.
  • Midnight Black Metallic: A classic black with a touch of sparkle.


The Toyota Sienna 2023 is a brilliant preference for families looking for a spacious, secure, and reliable minivan. With its snug ride, superior capabilities, and competitive pricing, it’s a top contender in its magnificence.


A hatchback is like a mix between a car and a small SUV. Imagine a regular car, but instead of a separate trunk, it has a big door at the back that swings upwards. This lets you open up a wide space, perfect for throwing in groceries, sports equipment, or even a folded-up bike It’s like having a little extra cargo room without giving up the style and driving feel of a car.

Hatchbacks are popular for people who want something more versatile than a sedan but don’t need the full size of an SUV. They’re great for city driving, parking in tight spaces, and weekend adventures.

Pros And Cons


  • Sips gas, not gulps: Super fuel-efficient thanks to the hybrid engine, saving you money and the planet.
  • Spacious digs: Plenty of room for the whole crew, even your tall friends in the back.
  • Smooth ride: Like a comfy couch on wheels, perfect for long road trips.
  • Happy passengers: Keep everyone entertained with optional movie screens and a moonroof.
  • Reliable Toyota: Known for lasting a long time, giving you peace of mind.


  • Not a speed demon: Don’t expect to win any drag races, but hey, at least you’ll save on gas.
  • Tech could be snazzier: The infotainment system might not be the flashiest, but it gets the job done.
  • The second row is stuck: Seats can’t be removed like in some minivans, limiting cargo flexibility.
  • Price tag: A bit more expensive than some competitors, but you get Toyota quality and fuel efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a gas guzzler?

The Sienna is a hybrid, so it sips gas and saves you money (and helps the plane). You can expect around 36 mpg, which is pretty sweet for a minivan.

Will my kids be entertained?

Some trims offer a rear entertainment system with movies and games to keep the little ones happy. Plus, there’s a moonroof option to let in some sunshine and fresh air.

Is it reliable?

Toyota is known for making vehicles that last, and the Sienna is no exception. You can expect years of trouble-free driving.

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